👋 Hello, world! 🌎I’m Devin, aWeb Engineer.

I make neat stuff on the internet. Currently a Senior Web Developer at Front, working remotely from the gorgeous desert of Arizona. ☀️🌵🔥

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I’ve been tinkering with the web since ’04

I built some of my first websites with WYSIWYG editors like Netscape Composer, Microsoft FrontPage, and Macromedia Dreamweaver (remember those awful Flash buttons?). Eventually, I started to learn how to write code by hand and started to dive into PHP and MySQL.

These days, I’m primarily focused on full-stack Javascript development. I still dabble in PHP when it makes sense. (Laravel is 🔥)

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People have said nice things about me

“I've had the absolute honor to work with Devin twice! In both cases, he was our leading, Sr. Web Developer and I emphatically describe him as a Rock Star. His technical knowledge, creative solutions, attention to detail and work ethic are simply best-in-class. There are many decent developers out in the world, but Devin is an absolute pleasure to have on the team. His expert-level knowledge with Next.js, Typescript, front-end and back-end development challenges, Git, build and deployment processes means he's simply the best candidate around (if you're lucky enough to find him available, that is). He's an incredible team player, works extremely well, directly with stakeholders, as well as any communications higher up the chain. An all around amazing talent to have on your team.”

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Devin for over 3 years. He is a world-class developer who is always trying to up-level his skills. Devin takes an immense amount of pride in his work, which leads to him consistently exceeding expectations and going beyond the initial requirements for the projects he works on. I would jump at the chance to work with Devin again in the future.”